50k: Check! (Read 91 times)

    A couple years ago it was the "yay I finished my first marathon after a bunch of attempts and always getting hurt in training" post, and now back for more!


    In that race someone convinced me that 26.2 wasn't far enough, and I set out to go a bit further. Right near the end of my training last year I had one of those weeks where everything happens at once. I tore a tendon in my ankle, I got promoted, and I had to move all of a sudden. (There goes the race plans..)


    A year and a half later, the tendon's still not awesome, but everything else is settled enough that two days ago I checked off the 50k stop on the running checklist at the Blues Cruise 50k. Woo!


    A race report from me would look rather different than the guy who won it in under 4 hours. I'd set out to hit sub-6 hours, had one of the worst days running ever and practically collapsed after a bit over 10 miles, then just kept going for the next 20. I'd miss my goal, but more importantly I avoided the DNF and did make it across the line 20 some minutes later. A couple days removed now, I'm determined that I'll hit up that distance again. I have some unfinished business with the 50k, even if I'd still like to move on to a 50M once I figure out how to fix all the things that went wrong.


      Nice job on finishing, was a bit warm for October in central PA, congratulations!


        Cool.  I'm in for Blues Cruise next year (possibly).