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    It's not as if there aren't already too many threads like this - but I got a funny e-mail a minute ago I wanted to share. Apparently, back when I was looking for a good online site to track my running, I signed up for quite a few before deciding on RunningAhead.com. And I still get occassional e-mails from sites I visited just long enough to check out and leave. So this e-mail sorta made me smile. You'll see why. I'm going to delete the name of the site (so nobody's feelings are hurt). And I want to point out that I *DO* completely support Eric eventually charging money for this place. He deserves it, and it's worth it. I've already told him I'd happily cough up a few bucks a month. I actually think if he keeps up with this long enough to attract a few thousand runners, he might be able to do pretty well with it. But back to my point, I've come to really like this place - and really respect Eric - because it is the opposite of most of the Internet. I frickin' hate the Internet, to tell you the truth. It's almost all either hardcore porn ... or partisan political bickering ... or people looking to make a buck selling free information. This place is an oasis of sanity in a desert of, well, crap. Useless crap. No offense to anyone who just loves them their Intertubes. But I think anyone would admit this place is a little special. Here's what another site sent me tonight. Notice the features I could have if I was a "premium member." ===>
    I wanted to drop you a line and let you know of the special features of (name omitted) available to premium members. Premium members receive these additional features: Elevation Graphs of Your Routes Route and Log Uploading from Your Garmin Forerunner Watch Additional Statistics of Your Activity Log (weekly,monthly, all time totals) Graphs of Your Activity Log (pace and distance over time) Ability to Track Your Running Shoes Copy Existing Routes - no need to start-over from scratch to make similar routes and More... The regular price of a 1-year membership is $12.95 ...
    This place is extraordinary. And some of us - well, me - forget that sometimes. (And that was wonderful grammar in that last sentence). Quick - name some other service or product that everyone else charges for, but the best service around is absolutely free .... Thanks Eric. -------------- By the way, if you think the above shouldn't have been copied and might ruffle feathers, delete away. Just wanted to share.
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      I couldn't agree more. I love this place--for the awesome service Eric has supplied, as well as his constant committment to making it better every day--and also for all the awesome fellow runners I have "met" via this little running club on the web. RA is a special place, indeed. Smile k

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        Big grin What else can we say? Oh! I know! Everybody click on that little "PayPal" icon on the home page...

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          Ditto the encouragement to click on the PayPal thingy! I, for one, vote to keep this site free! Free to send the Professor a few bucks every now and then! C'mon, click it and send something to show your appreciation for the time Eric has given YOU! Oooh, I know, let's collect all the $.02 everybody keeps throwin' in and send it to Eric! Lynn B

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            Great job, Eric!! This is a special place! But if we all give him our $.02, he'll be so busy spending his millions, he won't have time for our update requests!! Wink
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              I only started running two months ago, but I agree with the former posters. this site is wonderfull, and the running log looks better and offers more features (not that I use all of them) than many logs you have to pay for... So I just found the PayPal button...

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                I just found this website this past weekend and I quickly moved all of my training info from another site to this one. Ever since, I've been showing this site to EVERYONE (most are the "non-runner" types, and unfortionately don't get it). It's so exciting to have a site like this one. It's also cool to get a glimpse of what other runners are up to. I don't know many runners here in Tallahassee, and am a Lone Ranger on the trails most of the time. I'm excited about getting the chance to meet some good people- that run to boot! All that say, thank you eric.
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                  I don't know many runners here in Tallahassee, and am a Lone Ranger on the trails most of the time. I'm excited about getting the chance to meet some good people- that run to boot!
                  Hey Endorphin Junkie - As a former FSU grad (class of '78) and lover of all things garnet and gold (plus the Gulf, seafood, sinkholes and pine trees, and cheap adult refreshments), I wanted to say hi to a Tallahassee lassie. By the way, I ran my fastest 200 meters ever across Landis Green one warm, spring evening when streaking was a national craze... not that I'm admitting I would do such a thing... Also, have you ever run the Tallahassee marathon (in February I think)? I was looking at it online and it seems like a nice, small, well-organized race on a pretty course. It might be a good excuse for a homecoming trip.

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                    Eric, you are awesome. I have always been interested in logging my training online, and this has been the best solution I have found out there. There has never been a free service run by someone who cares so much and is so selfless. You kick serious ass! The question is... how long until Google/Runner's World/etc tries to buy out RunningAhead?
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