Two feature ideas (Read 524 times)


    I'll post my ideas here as well, maybe they'll catch some discussion. - iCal, XML export of training calendar, read-only. This could be a good motivator and a planning help on offline travel workouts - Heart rate monitoring. At least Polar monitors have rate zones with min. and max. rates, and they usually measure time within zone. Also reported calories used might have an own field.
      jannek, Someone else had requested iCal. It's something that I'll look into in the future. As for tracking time spent in HR zones, that's a little more complicated because it involves data processing. It's something I will get to eventually, when the site has all the basic features implemented. Right now, the calories used is calculated if you enter your body weight as part of the run. You can see it when you view a run entry (as opposed to editing it). eric Smile

        Initially, HR zones could just be voluntary extra fields in log - min. and max., and entry for time inside the zone, but I'll put that in additional info -textfield for now, it's definitely not critical. Some exercise programs base on different HR zones, though, and therefore saveable zones (just like routes) could be a future improvement. Calories are calculated based on rest HR, avg and maximum HR, I assume? If I make a health note with rest and maximum, will the values be filled up into my new workouts? Don't mean to be nagging, this website seems fulfill most of my logging wishes, but I think there's always room for improvement Smile
          The calories are calculated based on your weight and the distance ran. It's not a function of HR because it takes (approximately) the same amount of energy to move a body of a certain mass for a given distance. It doesn't matter if you sprinted a mile in 4 minutes, or jogged it for 10 minutes, you'll expend the same number of calories. Please don't flame me because I'm not considering wind resistance and other minor factors. It is merely an estimate. The health notes are not related to the workouts in anyway. It doesn't have a max HR field either so the data you entered there won't be propagated to new workouts. As for time spent in each HR zone, that will have to wait until I revamp the entry forms. It is definitely an advanced feature. The forms are already quite cluttered. The site definitely has plenty of room for improvements. I have a long list of features to add, and it is growing everyday. And you're not nagging. eric Smile