What's for Thanksgiving at your house? (Read 556 times)


hop, hop, hop...

    Leg of lamb, roasted root veggie medley, stuffing, and salad. If I'm feeling up to it. If not we'll likely get a pizza.

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      So no pigeon or crow? Do you have grackle in Indy?  Please eat them up.  And they are soooo tasty.

       He made, of all things, a turkey! I was hoping for pheasant.

        We're Americans spending a semester in Finland. No turkeys in the grocery store, even if the oven in our apartment could hold one (which I doubt). So we went out to a Turkish restaurant (Turkey...turkey...close enough!) and all had Traditional Iskender: lamb chunks on a bed of pita squares to sop up the juices, covered with two sauces (tomato and yogurt). Came home and had some baked-apple flavored ice cream for dessert. Delicious, and I didn't have to spend the day cooking.

        Meat Wagon


          10 lbs. of chitterlings and a couple bottles of Night Train.

          Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.

            I woke up at 2 AM, still full. My plate heapeth over.