The Friday Meltdown (Read 1245 times)


Running blows

    This better be good! 


    Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

    Wandering Wally

      It's not Friday yet. Get your popcorn and a beverage ready for tomorrow.

      Run!  Just Run!


      Trail Runner Nation Podcast

      Meat Wagon


        There won't be a meltdown because everyone on RA agrees that a 5 hour marathon is much more impressive than a 17 minute 5K.


        Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.

        Crazy Q

        Net Neaderthal & Escapee

          Damn the only impression I've made on a marathon was cracking the pavement and stopping for beer from the Hashers. ON-ON!. Now the 5 hr marathon, is it 5 hours flat or any window of time either side of the mark.

          Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!

            RA must be different than RWOL.  On RWOL, a "Meltdown" thread cannot be started as a meltdown thread.  It has to start out as something else first. 


            You know, like a thread beginning as "What is the story on Paul Ryan's marathon time?", and that gets discussed for a few threads.

            Then the string of threads goes kilter...Someone comes in and says "Paul Ryan sucks"... 

            Then someone comes in and says "All Republicans suck". 

            Then someone states that "Obama was born in Kenya!" 

            "No he's not!" 

            "The Dem's are ruining this country." 

            "No, Repubs are ruining this country." 

            "They are all ruining this country!" 

            "No, it is people like you who are ruining this country!" 

            "I've read your other posts elsewhere and you are mean." 

            "You are stalking me!  REPORTED"

            "Only Putz's report people!"

            "Are you calling me a putx, you &#^#"


            Well, we all know what a meltdown thread is, but I thought it had to start off in what would otherwise have been a normal post :-) 

            The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞

            delicate flower

              ^^ It helps when a few key, irrationally emotional people are an active presence on said forum.......


                ^^^--- You calling me irrational?  Abusive statements, REPORTED. :-)


                On a slightly more serious note, I know what you are saying.  Takes a few key players to get fired up over a non-issue, or misinterpreted statement.    -- I take some pride that I am not that person gettin' all fired up over nothing. (Most of the time)  Big grin

                The Plan '15 →   ///    "Run Hard, Live Easy."   ∞



                  The best meltdown threads get started when a royal person gets married and an entire country gets drunk to celebrate it.

                  Crazy Q

                  Net Neaderthal & Escapee

                    Shocked Rants & Raves are a few websites to the left.


                    Still I'm enjoying the rantins of the far right here in MS demanding that the State seced from the union. Hell this hole won the welfare lottery with 2 dollars in federal dollars (support monies) coming in for every dollar collected for Washington. Yeah I could just see what a third world state this would be if they had to start over from scratch and the Federal Government took back everything. But hey there is a bright side down here. The local christian taliban has allowed beer to 8% Alcohol by Volume to be sold finally......... I'm still going for better goods not allowed he in Hell.


                    Cheers you hosers!

                    Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!

                    Prince of Fatness


                        Nice preemptive strike, MrFinn!

                        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                          -10 to Slytherin for lack of effort.


                          Also, the "reported" joke is really old.


                          Crazy Q

                          Net Neaderthal & Escapee


                            Nice but not really the IED needed to start a chernobly effect. You need more of a pressure cooker without a safety valve to give it a personal effect.




                            Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!


                              Maybe, but that is the RA-cultural way to tag a meltdown thread and potentially End It.  (which never happens. Well sometimes.  The shit is bananas.)


                                Hahaha!  I could always fake a meldown.