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    I am new to the USA having moved here from the UK after meeting my now husband in Prague. The catch! Although happily married all of 3 months i am now going stir crazy waiting for my work permit and driving my hubby insane aswell. My Solution = RUNNING! But where do i start...I truly am a rookie looking for a bit of guidance in my search for that holy grail experience that i have heard whispered...The Zone!

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      I love the Couch-to-5k program. Worked for me...now I'm training for a half marathon at the end of the month. Smile k

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        Yes, that's a really good program. Just keep in mind as you go through it that it won't work exactly the same for everybody since every body is different. Depending on your starting fitness level and how your unique body adapts to running, you may need to repeat a week or day here or there. That's normal - don't fret it. But I wouldn't suggest progressing faster than the program suggests even if you feel you could, because one very important thing it's doing with its slow progression is giving your joints and connective tissue time to adapt to the stresses of running. And that's really important if you want to be an injury-free runner! Welcome, and don't be shy about posting here! Janell

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