Not seeing Garmin imported runs (Read 318 times)


    I removed and re-added the connection between RA and Garmin last night. This morning, it's working perfectly (and quickly).

    It should be mathematical, but it's not.



      The "retry" logic for sending the file to RA is controlled by Garmin Connect. RunningAhead passively receives the files from Connect, it does not pull them from Connect.


      If you're prefer to not wait for the Garmin Connect retry to resend the file, you can import it directly via a download from Connect - upload to RA:


      Connect > click on Activity > gear icon > export original > save zip file

      RA > log > Upload GPS data from file > data file > select file > click floppy disk icon


      Then when Connect catches up and sends the file, just delete it since you've already imported it.


      Thank you LedLincoln & MilkTruck. The files arrived!


      And thank you Administrator for all of your work on this site.