Need a trail shoe too: fits and feels like a Brooks Glycerin wide. (Read 67 times)

Chasing the bus

    Yeah, like the title. I've got a pair of Glyerin 9's I've about worn out. I plan to replace them with another pair, but would also like a trail shoe that runs and fits as well as the glycerins do. If I didn't need the 2E, I'd just get cascades, but they only come in D....




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      I will just wish you good luck!



      I've been having the same issue I can't find anything, I love the glycerin  and I also wear a wide size. The closest I have a Inov roclite 295 but there's not much cushioning, and the  tread is quite aggressive so I only wear them on short runs. I had a pair of Brooks adrenaline asr trail shoes and they were awesome but naturally they stoped making those in a wide size this year. I did just get a pair of Brooks ghost in the wide size and the tread looks pretty aggressive so I was thinking of maybe just making a homemade rock plate for them and trying that.

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        My road shoes are wide Glycerins and believe it or not, they're too narrow for my foot and are causing issues with the base joint of my big toe on my right foot.  The trail shoes I have are Asics Gel Scouts; I'm going on my third pair I like them so much.

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          I wear a 2E in road shoes and run in Cascadias for my trail shoe without any issues.

            I just remembered New Balance  Makes Leadville( I think they're called) those were nice, they make a wide size even though the regular size was wide enough for me. The problem is I have a really difficult feet and  something was pinching my foot in the Leadville'a, but I know a lot of people that love them.

            Chasing the bus

              Just an update, bought a new pair of glycerine 11's last week at LRS, and while trying on asked about a trail shoe. They put me in the NB1210's, said they think of it as a cascadia built by new balance...anyway, the D felt good, so I ordered the 2E. We'll see. Regardless, and it was only in the store and on their treadmill briefly, but having them on side by side with new glycerines, they felt like home.



              “You're either on the bus or off the bus.”
              Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


                Most of the time i use Nike Flex Trail Running Shoe.

                You know trail runners feature a stiffer sole and hidden plates to shield feet from bruising that can occur due to impact on rocks and roots. Most trail-running shoes also include stiff, protective toe counters on the front to prevent toe injuries.