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    eric, i recently bought a new hydration pack that i plan to use for long runs and bike rides as well as hiking and commuting. currently when i add new equipment i have to do so under a certain activity. i would like to be able to log any workout activity with any equipment, not just the one i initially selected. is there already a feature in place that would allow this?

    btw, i have just used a few of the new features and everything looks outstanding, 26.2 coming your way!

      Others have requested this.  While it is conceptually simple, the modifications are complex.  I'll put this on my todos and see if I can come up with a simpler solution.

        I would love to see that feature also. There are shoes that I use hiking, trail running and walking.

        Now I've been using your site for years now and lived without this feature, I can wait longer. Really, no rush. Thanks for your great job.


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          I'm new to RA and LOVE it so far!!  I'm glad to see this feature has been requested.  Like SkBunny, I also run and hike/walk in my trail shoes and need to log those walk miles in the same equipment I use for runs.  Thanks for considering!

            I'd also like this feature.


            I have orthopedic insoles that need changing regularly as well as my running shoes.




              I would love to be able to have more than one piece of equipment for an activity.  I often bike and I would like to be able to track the miles on my bike and on my bike shoes.  I expect that the bike shoes will wear out a lot faster than my bike and thus I could go through several sets of shoes.  Thanks


                I'd also like to be able to log more than one piece of equipment for an activity (e.g. bike tires and bike)


                  I asked about this a while ago and I'm glad to see that other's are interested in this too!


                  Also would be nice to log more than one equipment per run/bike/etc. If you wanted to know how many miles you ran with your hydration pack as well as your shoes and whatnot.


                  Thanks Eric so much for putting all this time in to such a wonderful site! I can't wait to see what new features come out!

                    Yes, me too!  I recently added walking to my training and I need to be able to track the walk miles on my shoes that have been set up under run. 


                    Is it possible to not have equipment/shoes tied to a particular activity?  I can do what I want over on Daily Mile, but for other reasons, I don't want Daily Mile to be my official record.  Running Ahead is so much better for that!



                      Same as Sarah - I walk a lot lately and would love to be able to pull from my list of running shoes when I log a walk. I'm also a dailymile member, but use RunningAhead for my main log to track miles, equipment etc.


                      Thanks for all your work on the site, Eric. Appreciate it!

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                        Was there ever a resolution to this?  I am also running into the same issue.


                        Thanks, Eric!  Smile

                          I need multiple equipment. been looking at sporttracks.mobi which does this beautiful.