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    For some reason, PayPal did not confirm the transaction with RA.  Since it was obviously completed, I credited your account.  The ads should be disabled now.


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      it worked! Thanks!! Smile

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        Did you update my subscription?

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          Did you update my subscription?


          It's updated.  Thanks!

            It seems paypay used to be an option, but I'm not seeing it now. I tried both Firefox and IE. Is there another link (other than https://www.runningahead.com/options/subscription) to use in order to pay with paypal?

              Hi DaKine,

              I switched to direct credit card processing over a year ago because the API provided by PayPal was difficult to use and maintain.  I also learned afterward that PayPal caused over 40% abandon carts.  Is there a particular reason you prefer PayPal?  If security is the reason, RA does not store your financial info.  In fact, the credit card data is not even sent to RA.  Instead, the transaction is done directly with the credit card processor.


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