Garmin 210 vs Motoactv (Read 2400 times)

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    Wearing it as a watch aside... which I wouldn't do... I really do not notice the "bulkiness" of my 310 when I run. 


    Ditto for the 305.

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      I have a Motoactv.  I *am* a triathlete, but clearly don't wear the thing in the water.  This is a very limited review, but I really like the gadget for running, listening to music, and tracking my time/distance/pace.  I was very leery of buying it based on the mixed reviews, but I've had it for a month now and have had ZERO problems. Again, one person's experience.  But the web portal has always worked, the unit has always worked, etc.  I like that you can program workouts and it wirelessly syncs to the device.  I LOVE that the device is small (I wear it clipped to my waist).  The GPS signal is excellent -- I always get a signal within 30 secs of turning it on and it keeps the signal just fine under my shirt (or in the pocket of my bike jersey if I do a brick).  I bought the bike mount and it integrated perfectly with my Garmin cadence sensor.


      That said, it is definitely NOT as rugged as my spouses Garmin 305 (which I was using before).  And it is clunkly for multi-sport workouts (like a brick).  But for single runs or rides it does exactly what I wanted it to do.  I'm going to try it on an speed session later this week -- that will be a big test.  I currently do run/walk intervals just fine.  I do wish it had an external speaker so I didn't have to wear headphones, but I can live with that.