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    I'm doing a stair climb race on Sunday, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips. Oh, and to be clear, I'm climbing this: not this: Some of the questions I have: 1. Use handrails or not? 2. One step at a time, or two? 3. Carry water? 4. How warm does it get in the stairwell? T-shirt, sleeveless or singlet? And the most important question .... how do I enter my race in my RA log? After all, eric doesn't exactly have a form for "flights of stairs" as opposed to miles or kms. Wink

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      Very, very cool. Is that the Hancock Tower? If so, I had a really bad $22 martini there once. When you get to the top, slap the bar manager for me. Are you going to NYC to do the Empire State one next? Good luck, Berner. That really is cool. And I have no advice at all - except don't trip. Smile
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        Very, very cool. Is that the Hancock Tower?
        That looks like Worcester, Ma. Are you running the event sponsored by the American Lung Asscciation? I have no experience with stair climbing but, I bet shorts & singlet ought to be fine for an indoor event. I'd bring you own water. I can't imagine what a water stop for an event like that would be like but, I'd want to avoid it. Good luck.

          1. Hand rails depend on you, most people try to stay on the inside "line" and take up the handrail space, they also tend to get used more towards the top. If you want to avoid the congestion stay away until you need the help. Courtesy says you use the outside handrails though if you are tired. 2. The step thing depends on your stride. So you'll have to figure that out with experience. I did a mixture of both single and double steps on mine. 3. These events typically go by pretty fast (15-30mins average), so I think you can get away with being well hydrated before the race start and they should have goodies for you to consume when you reach the top. If you do carry water though, just bring a little bit to sip on along the way, 12oz tops. 4. It gets pretty hot up there, especially if you are a mid to back-packer, so dress accordingly. Good Luck and have fun!!

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            Eeek...that sorta reminds me of the nightmare of running up and down this thing back in HS for track practice: I'm afraid of heights, you can see between each step, and it swayed...scared the crap out of me. I will never again run stairs by choice. k

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              Wow. Good luck! I have no advice, but when we ran stairs in college I remember thinking that some day I'd like to do a "run up" race. Let us know how it goes!

              Bring it on.

                Hey, is it up and down? Just one way? And how have you been training?
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                  Very, very cool. Is that the Hancock Tower?
                  That's definitely the Hancock in Chicago! See the old Watertower next to it? YAY CHICAGO!~ Big grin I've heard of this "run/climb", but I've never done it because... well... I just don't like pain that much. UGH! I have more questions: 1) How do you pace something like this? Do you mad-dash it and then rest on different flights? Or do you go slow and steady? 2) Do people generally fall into a single-file line? Are there rules about passing? It would really suck to get stuck behind someone with a <ahem> large rear-end... not a very nice view. 3) How long do you think those stair-wells stink of sweat after this thing is done? I can't wait to read your race report. Big grin</ahem>

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                    Oh, I thought you were just doing it for fun. I was wondering who was going to let you in the building on a weekend. I'm really smart. Wink Wait, you are doing it for fun, just in a race! That's crazy! I am intrigued. How many flights? (No, JK, not flights of wine or scotch or whatever else you might drink in a flight when you get to the top. That would be flights of stairs.)
                      God bless Wikipedia:
                      An annual stair climb race up the 94 floors from the Michigan Avenue level to the observation deck called Hustle up the Hancock is held on the last Sunday of February. The climb benefits the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago. The record time as of 2006 is 9 minutes 39 seconds.
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                        Those legs are gonna BURN Evil grin Ahem - good luck anyway Wink


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                          Thanks for all the well-wishes and advice. Insofar as this is my first stair race, I appreciate all the input and ideas. JK is correct that the race is the "Hustle Up the Hancock" -- its a very popular event, and literally sells out in hours. Vicente - the race organizers stagger the start time throughout the day to minimize congestion. Everyone is assigned a "start time" and thats when you get to line up. Then they release runners one at a time at 8 second intervals (or something like that). As for pacing ... good question! I'm not even sure how I'll monitor myself other than my "feel." After all, there are no "mile markers" and I'm not exactly used to measuring my pace by "flights." Oh, and my trusty Garmin will be useless. I'm going to try to go at 5K effort, and see how far that gets me.

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                            Berner.....How did the stair climbing go? Did I miss where you posted an update on how it was?