Search facility for forums (Read 577 times)

    It might save on repeat posts
    booyaa.org - what's he running from?

      I agree. Might also help newbies search through older threads for informational purposes.
        I agree Big grin It's on my list of things to do and it'll be done sooner than later. eric Smile
          I agree too. Big grin I've been spending too much time lately trying to find old topics... Any way it can search within the individual posts so that we can find a particular phrase we remember (like "runner's trots")? Also because sometimes threads go off topic or the title doesn't completely describe what the original topic was...

          Roads were made for journeys...

            One way to search the site is to use google. Just add site:runningahead.com in the search string. For examples if I want to search for "shoes" on this site, just type: shoes site:runningahead.com This will search the whole site for the terms requested, not just the forum posts. And I'm not sure if it will find the latest posts. Just a workaround until Eric gets to it.
              Cool! Thanks!

              Roads were made for journeys...