Where to Jump back In After Injury (Read 374 times)


    I'm going to risk the injury jinx and declare myself recovered from the injury (Posterior Tibial Tendonitis) that prevented me from running my first marathon at the end of April. Looking at my log, there is no rhyme nor reason for the miles I have run in the last few weeks. I have been running by feel and just trying to gauge my fitness/fitness loss. I have purposely avoided back-to-back days on the path to recovery. I feel good, almost like I didn't miss any time.


    I am looking forward to a fall marathon in October which gives me roughly 22 weeks to prepare. Is this too ambitious following injury? I am not targeting time, just running to finish. 


     I am wondering what everyone would recommend as to where to begin weekly milegae. The miles on my log leading up to the end of March were a Higdon novice supreme plan which didn't work out for me. I am open to new plans/strategies. I have received a lot of comments about lacking midweek miles which ramped up to too many LSD miles and eventually injury.


    My wife thinks I'm crazy and can't imagine why I would put myself through another training cycle after the way this first one turned out.. All of you runners know why.


    I look forward to all of your recommendations and opinions

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      I have started this week training for a fall marathon (November) after very minimal mileage due to injury the last several months.  I am alternating running and biking days this week.  Next week will be run 2 bike 1.  My running mileage is 3 miles per day.  I feel like a shell of my former self. 


      I will increase days and distance gradually. 


      Is your goal too ambitious?  Certainly not in my opinion.  Just be careful.  Be aggressive with treatment if you feel the tendonitis returning.  And have fun running again.


      My wife is encouraging me to run and train for fall. I thinks she likes having me out of the house.


      Good luck.

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