Wife needs shoe help (Read 75 times)


    my wife started running a year or so ago. She now averages 8-10 miles every other day. I just saw her feet the other day, and I get running takes a toll, but she has this blistered peeling skin at the tips of all her toes by the nails. Looks red and painful. I then asked her maybe her shoes don't fit right and she showed me them and they are the Target brand Champion $29 special. I don't know much about running and the right shoes but I told her in some things you actually get what you pay for and running shoes is one of them. She says that they will all wear out just as fast and doesn't want to waste the $. I looked at these shoes and don't see much arch support to begin with. They are extremely light, I'll give them that but correct me if I'm wrong - if she's running that much (maybe 40-50 miles a week) she needs to invest in better shoes. I'm thinking a Mothers Day gift card to a runners store ( where she really can't spend it on something else) is in order.


      That is a great idea, but tell her we suggest she gets a pair that is half size larger than her regular shoes,   She sounds like she needs more room for her toes.


      Running is stupid

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        Whilst I'm not one for wanting to spend £100s on shoes, she does need to invest in a decent pair. You do get what you pay and you've only got one pair of feet. Not something I'd skimp on.


          Your instincts are dead on.  Please take your wife to a reputable running store (not a box store like Dick's or Sports Authority) so that she can get fitted properly.  The employees are training to look at people's running gait, arch, etc., and recommend the appropriate shoe (and possibly an insert) for each runner.  While buying cheap shoes may seem cost effective, it can also lead to serious injuries.  Spend money on your feet - it will pay dividends later.

             she has this blistered peeling skin at the tips of all her toes by the nails. 


            At one time, I had calluses on the tips of my toes underneath my toenails.  Then I noticed that my feet were hitting the front of the shoe while running, and only while running.  Longer shoes cured the problem.


            Some people can do very well with low cost shoes.  But they need to be the right size.  I would try a larger pair of the same shoes before spending the money on expensive running shoes.

              If she looks around on Amazon, I bet she could find a decent deal for a pair of running shoes.  What size does she wear?  As PP suggested, definitely go up at least half a size from her street shoe.  I go half a size to a full size up depending on the brand.  If she's lightweight, she can get 500 to 600 miles out of a pair of shoes, which at 40 miles a week, is only a $300 - 400 per year at $100 for a pair of shoes, definitely not crazy.  If she stalks internet sales, she can probably do even better.

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                I must in the minority whose running shoes are the same size as their normal every day shoes? Although, I found with one particular model, (Brookes Adrenaline 14) the 4 was too tight and the 4.5 was too big. But the size 4 Brookes Ghost 8 is fine.