Default Equipment from Garmin fit import ? (Read 185 times)


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    I've just bought a Garmin Edge 200 for my bike and have been importing fit files one by one.  On a corporate machine so I can't load the Garmin Communicator Plugin software.


    Just a query - when I use this method the Default Equipment isn't picked up.  I have to edit and select it afterward.  I only have one bike loaded so I don't think it's that side.


    Any ideas how it could be correctly selected?


    Would it make any difference if I have the Garmin Communicator Plugin installed?




      The default equipment is the last equipment you used for the activity.  After you import your workout, select the equipment and save the workout.  All subsequent imports will use this equipment until you change it.  There's on difference if you use Garmin Communicator or import the file manually.


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