Anyone do TRX at home? (Read 4183 times)

    I am curious about TRX Suspension training (http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/).


    Fad or not?


    Is it hard to use at home?



      There was a thread not too long ago on TRX.  I've tried it at the gym once and you get a pretty good core workout, but I can get just as good of a core workout without using it. 

        My fitness center bought about a half dozen of them and hosted some gropu training sessions. I have a power lifting background and thought that maybe this would be a good workout to supplement my running these days. I didn't like it at all. I never felt like I was getting a good workout and it put a lot of stress on my shoulder at the joint. It was pretty good for core work like maddog mentioned.


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          I do.  I wrote about it on a thread here a few weeks ago I think.  I'll try to find it.



          Short story is that I like it OK but if I had to pick between it and iron, it would be iron every time.  It would be great if I were deployed or travelling frequently or something.

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            Here is the other thread: http://www.runningahead.com/forums/post/89931b5dd2f04e8f864ef76258762b5b#focus

            CyclingAHEAD until 2012

              Here is the other thread: http://www.runningahead.com/forums/post/89931b5dd2f04e8f864ef76258762b5b#focus

              thanks, that was very helpful. I think I will get some furniture glide pads instead.

                thanks, that was very helpful. I think I will get some furniture glide pads instead.


                What you can do, which I do every so often, is search "Core strength exercises for runners" on youtube.  There are alot of different videos showing you different exercsies to strengthen the core.  Try them, see what you like and seems to work.  I workout at the gym 4 days a week and I've added 30-40 minutes of core training 3-4 days.  Other than the core, I'll do 2-3 sets of weight training work for other body parts.  I use to be into bodybuilding before I found running so I still like to get some strength training in although much different than I use to do.  The focus for me now at the gym is core work most of which can be done without any gym equipment.

                  Looked at the video of core exercises using furniture guides.  I'm surely lacking core strength if that is the norm!  Seems like an awesome workout, but must be a lot of strength to do some of those.  


                  Have some at home for moving furniture, so I will try it out.  Pressure to stop a bleeding nose, right?

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                    The guy who made that video is one of the most outstanding people in the fitness industry, and certainly the most outstanding that I have ever met.  After talking to him I immediately ordered one of his books, and after getting the book and skimming through it, I bought all of his other books/dvd that same day. 


                    What amazing about him is 1) the amazing athletic condition that he himself is in, as opposed to just being a glorified fitness model who passed a course on personal training, 2) the fact that there is absolutely not one line of the typical fitness industry B.S. anywhere in anything that he does, and 3) The huge emphasis that he puts on work ethic (which is important, because you'll need it to do his workouts.


                    There is mind blowing stuff all over his youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/rossenamait#p/u/0/1t-ini-Ru4w

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                      I have the TRX at home and I really like it.  I do a mix of TRX and free weights.  It gives you a fantastic core workout while doing the strength training.  For example, planks with your feet in the TRX strap is a lot different than planks with your feet on the ground.  Add a little see-saw action to the planks . . . .


                      It's obviously not for everybody, but I like mine.  You do have to be aware of the space around you.  You need to ensure that when it is fully extended, you still have room for your body to do the exercises.

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                        I'm thinking about trying suspension training this spring. But, if I do, I'll be going with a Jungle Gym XT from Lifeline instead of the TRX.


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                          I haven't tried it yet but I'm really curious now too.  Especially since some of my friends have applied for TRX sponsorships so it's always on my radar.  You can see my teammate Chris doing a workout in Times Square with it, so I guess that speaks to how portable it is! 


                          Check it out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llNobm3ijM8

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                            Its good and easy to use at home and also easy to set up. I use one and also train clients on it, I really like it. Is it a fad, no. But, it is good addition to running and cross training and strength training and yoga. 


                              Hmm, very interesting. Never heard of it, but I am quite curious.


                                Here is the other thread: http://www.runningahead.com/forums/post/89931b5dd2f04e8f864ef76258762b5b#focus


                                Interesting - I was in an ab class at the gym that was doing this workout using the little gym towels instead of furniture glide pads. My abs were sore for damn near forever.