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    99% sure I will be signing up for Bayshore in 2012. This will be my 2nd marathon and 1st traveling. Lots of questions about traveling and food, but for now my questions center around the race and places. 


    Where to stay? (2 adults, 3kids-they want a pool) Close to the start/finish? Is parking a problem? 

    If we decide to stay another day or 2, any must see's? places to eat? (Kids will be 14,10,8)

    Any other advice about this race? 


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      We stayed at the Baymont, IIRC.  Good location and a pool.  Not really close to the start, but easy to get there.  Not sure if there are many affordable places with pools near the start.  Lots of cheap chain restaurants out by the Baymont, too.  A bunch of RA folks ate at the Mackinaw Brewing Co. after the race.  It was good, from what I recall.  If money were no object a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge would be fun for the kids (and the adults).


      Try to do a road trip up both sides of the peninsula.  There is a scenic lighthouse and beaches to walk.

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