uploading to Running Ahead from Garmin problem (Read 532 times)

Tammy M

    Hi y'all.


    I'm having trouble uploading info from my Garmin 305 to the Running Ahead site.  I upload regularly and it just randomly stopped working.  it seems to detect that the Garmin is there and says "ready," but when I click upload it does absolutely nothing. 


    I contacted the RA administrator and Garmin.  I reset my Garmin and cleaned the contacts.  I'm able to upload to the Garmin training center on my computer and the Communicator Plug In test is recognized.


    I would appreciate any ideas!!



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      I don't have an answer to your question, but did want to suggest that you should post your question in the Technical Support forum to be sure that Eric sees it.


      I had a similar issue with my machine two weeks ago for about a half day, but a stern look at the computer and a restart seemed to have fixed the problem for now.


      Good luck!

      Tick tock

        Any chance you have a Mac and just updated O/S to Lion?  It stopped working for me too.


        I had to get a new version of communicator and then a new version of ANT Agent.

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          I'm moving this thread to the support forum.


          From the trace data you sent me, the GPS importer is in agreement with the Communicator Plugin test page.  The test page only shows whether it can detect the GPS, which it does and so does the GPS importer.  The problem occurs when you try to download your workouts from the Forerunner.


          The problem is with the Communicator plugin itself.  The GPS importer page is asking the Communicator plugin for a list of workouts on your GPS but the Communicator plugin never comes back with the list.  Garmin Training Center talks to the GPS directly instead of through the Communicator plugin so it does not have this problem.


          Try this:

          1. press F12 to bring up the developer tools

          2. in the new window, select the Console tab

          3. go to the GPS import page

          4. try to import your GPS data


          If you see any error/warning messages in the console window, please copy and post them to this thread so I can have additional information.