Local - small - but super AMAZING run (Read 108 times)


    So joined a bike-a-thon local high school scholarship fundraiser in a remote NH town where my brother lives.  He spoke with organizers who agreed runners & walkers are also welcome within the 4hr time window.  I showed up to enjoy 20 miles of trail running and be able to support a great cause. WELL...it was beautiful, incredible trails, marked well, & had ice cold fluids in coolers EVERY TWO MILES!!! Spectacular!  However, every beautiful gift: views, soft terrain, wildlife at every turn ... was hard earned.  Hilly is an understatement.  4400 net gain elevation, may not be a big deal for some, but I was picturing cross country ski trails ... no wimpy flatness to be found.


    Bottom line:  I was daunted at times but kept moving.  Focused on the beauty, remoteness, and pride that my legs & organs were handling the surprise hill around every corner.  I finished with pretty much nothing left in the tank.  It was an unexpectedly amazing run.  It was harder than hell - probably top 3 of the hundreds of races I've done - made most of my marathons look like a joke.


    All in all, it was great because I had ZERO expectations.  I really just went because my brother asked me and I wanted to support him, his town, & a great simple cause.  I didn't actually put much thought into my running, never looked at the map, and had no "goals" but to show up and run 20 miles in this trail system.  Turned out AWESOME and I am so glad I had the experience.  It was one of the best few hours I've had as a runner ... no headphones, no watch, no pressure ... just running until I saw I was back where I started.  A GIFT.

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      Nice work! Sounds like you had a great experience. Hills is what I'd expect on NH trails. Sounds like running at its finest.

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