Trouble assigning admin (Read 486 times)

    Hi Eric, I'm having trouble giving admin rights to a couple of people in the UK Runners group. I check the box, there doesn't appear to be any "save" or "update" button, so I just click back onto Members and it doesn't register the change. Am I doing something wrong? I think I was doing the same thing in the past when it appeared to work? Many thanks Tom
      Hey, Tom. There's not a "Save" button that you're missing. But sometimes it takes a few seconds for the change to automatically save and if you click back too fast then your change doesn't stick. Maybe try again, waiting a bit after each time you check the admin box? In the upper right hand part of the screen a little blue box shows up that says "saving..." when it's working. Good luck!

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        Purdy, Your name is Tom? I didn't know that! Anyways, I was toying with new technologies when I created that page. It saves everything in the background and no save button is needed. Try what Janell suggests and wait a little bit before switching pages. eric :-)
          Eric and Jannell - very many thanks. Unfortunately it's still not working. In the bottom LH corner I get the "error on page" message - not sure if that is the reason. Might try from a different computer. Tom
            Hey Tom, What browser and version are you using? I logged into your account and was able to add and remove admins in that group so I'm suspecting it's a browser incompatibility issue that I need to look into. eric :-)
              Eric, Not sure... it's a work machine. Any chance you could log in to UK Runners again and give admin to "Nev", "Neil Gunn" and "LittleFrog29"? Many many thanks, Tom
                Done. If you let me know what browser you're using, I can look further into this.