Nike GPS Watch Support (Read 960 times)

Seven Deadly Shins

    Nike Running online log is just too freaking fluffy.  Any plans for Nike GPS Watch support here at RunningAHEAD.com?


    much appreciated!


      Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your private message.  I currently don't have any plans to support Nike+.  Other sites may support it but I don't know if what they're doing is legal.  Nike did not publish a way for other websites to interact with Nike+.  Someone figured out a hack to communicate with it.  Nike hasn't done anything about it yet and they may never will.  However, it's possible they may change their attitude one day and go after these websites under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for "hacking".  I need to talk to the lawyers to sort this out first.


      eric Smile

      Seven Deadly Shins

        Thanks for your response, Eric!


        One major correction, though: Nike GPS watch is not the same as Nike+.  It does support Nike+ chip (wireless pedometer/accelerometer), but it also contains a fully functional GPS device developed by TomTom. 


        I am not sure if this entails any copyright infringement issues, but with more of these devices on the market, I think it would be an omission to solely focus on Garmin products.


        Keep up the good work!


        - Peter