Stupid Rain (Read 2113 times)


    Penny Lane makes me want to listen to some Stillwater.


    L Train

      Stillwater runs deep.


        The Beatles just make me want to fix that hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering, where it will goooooooooooooo.

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        Imminent Catastrophe

          Oh, please. I ran a 50k in a tropical storm with lots of flooded sandy creek crossings. All with a pair of lightweight, easily-draining shoes and very thin socks. I just put some vaseline on my feet before the race. No problems with the feet.

          Some people started out with nice, waterproof-breatheable/ Gore-Tex tops, and all of them, ALL OF THEM, had discarded them within the first mile. 

          You will get wet, from your head down to your feet. Just go with it. 

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            I really think we should just let it be.


            I mean, the race is a long and winding road.


            Even in the rain.


            Savoir c'est pouvoir

              Hey Bearcat, at least we won't have to worry about being cold and wet. The predicted low on race day is now 67F with a 70% chance of thunderstorms. If it were dry, sunny and in the high 60's, I'd be worried about it being too hot. I think the rain will feel good with it being that warm.


              The last time I ran the Pig in the rain it was about about 40 degrees ('04). Those temps will suck the energy out of you if you aren't dressed properly. At least now with it being so warm, we can wear minimal clothing. 


              Didn't you decide to run w/ Chris' group? I'll make sure he gives you extra special attention...especially if you start obsessing about your wet feet .


                BCR - todays run featured the great SW wind ala Monumental. Man that was a killer. Just a reminder of the fun from Indy last fall and another thing to tweak for this weekend. Heh.

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                  Well, for whatever this is worth, someone just asked about wearing bags on their feet over on RWOL (for a half in Winnipeg).  So, Bearcat, it ain't just you.


                  Good luck this weekend.