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    Thanks everyone for the responses!  It seems to be the patella tendon according to Google Body Browser (what a cool tool that is. Thanks LedLincoln).  If anyone has had problems with the patella tendon, I'm all ears.  Thanks again and happy running! 


    I know this is a very old thread, but I just saw it.


    I have the exact same problem and it is the patellar tendon in my case. I first discovered my problem years ago on a long-distance bike ride (1,500 mile trip around the east coast). I went to the doctor and he just coughed it up to ageing. However, (and I figured this out later) I started reading up on the knee and looking at the anatomy, because it didn't seem like it was internal (which most people seem to assume, that all knee issues are internal).


    Long story short, I remembered suffering a major injury to that knee when I was very young; I still have a very visable scar from the stitches. Basically I was climbing down  a pole (TV antenna) and slipped and fell which caused the valve stem of a spigot (without the handwheel) to stab into my knee, directly under my knee cap.


    Actually cycling hurts it more than running, probably because I'm such an aggressive rider; I actually use running to recuperate, because I find it easier to pace myself. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but running helps. However, I also do a lot of weightlifting, so I'm sure that helps also. If it were not for this bum right knee I'd have zero knee problems, that's a sad thought.

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      Its biology: Unfortunately with being a quadriceps musce dominant runner, the first thing that happens when if fires, is that the tendon attaching it to your lower leg travels through the kneecap. The stronger the firing, the greater the friction of the patella sliding properly though the femoral groove.


      Slowing down simply reduces the friction you experience.


      Most often its a byproduct of too much forward lean in your running form.

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