Meatless Protein sources (Read 215 times)


    I made this for lunch today. Smile I'm not a big meat lover (don't really like it) so I'd love some ideas on how to get more protein into my diet.



      Not a fan of your shameless plugging of your site but I must give props where props are due.  The photographs on your blog are VERY good.  Is that your work?

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        Eggs are a great source. Sometimes I'll hard boil a couple dozen, toss the yolks (yes...I know), a little salt and pepper and enjoy. I ingest a lot of protein daily, but it's mostly through whey protein shakes and sawdust...OK...It's really psyllium fiber, but it might as well be sawdust. **grin**


          I've been eating a lot of beans lately, with all the winter weather.  Lots of stews/soups with beans and some good hearty greens.  Just last night we made a kale and white bean stew that is delicious.  We also have a chickpea/spinach/cashew curry planned for a dinner this week.  Constantly have hummus around as well - super cheap and easy to make at home, and we usually dip carrot sticks in it.


          Nuts for snacks.  We buy most of our nuts at Trader Joe's, since they seem to have the best selection and the best prices.  I have also been obsessed with these for the past few months.


          Every few weeks we will do a Thai style curry with tofu as the protein as well, and toss in whatever vegetables look good at the store/farmers' market.  We actually just got some really interesting Thai curry pastes at the local Asian market, but we like the red and green Thai Kitchen stuff too that you can find at any grocery store.

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            I've been eating a lot of beans lately...


            And they're good for your heart!




              About 70% protein by weight. Tastes a bit like boullion. Maybe a little more cheesy. Tastes excellent on porridge and in stews/casseroles.


                I've really been enjoying Greek yogurt smoothies lately.  Greek yogurt is a good source of protein.

                Butter Tart

                  I didn't go to your site because it wasn't a clickable link and I'm too lazy to copy-paste.


                  But my meatless protein sources include:

                  •  yogurt (Greek or regular)
                  •  milk
                  •  peanut butter or almond butter (in addition to sandwiches, I also stir peanut butter into my porridge, have it as "ants on a log", or eat it with an apple)
                  •  nuts (I eat 1/4 cup a day)
                  •  soynuts / roasted soybeans are also good as a nut alternative
                  •  hardboiled eggs
                  • cheese in moderation
                  •  cottage cheese
                  •  beans, lentils, tofu (for meals, not snacks)


                    +1 to everything Butter Tart listed (except for eggs, which are meat), and I add the following: quinoa, rice, oats, and really all grains, hummus, pumpkin seeds & all other seeds.


                    To me, the most important quality of a meatless protein source is that it be minimally processed.  However, I am an omnivore.



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                        Legumes, grains, nuts and seeds (watch the fat), as stated above.


                        I am a vegetarian most of the year and a vegan during Lent -- which is coming up -- so protein is a concern here too.