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    I'm long time runner but I have not ran for years and I never really brought particular gear for running before.


    Been exercising for about 5 months now by walking and elliptical machine, I've lost enough weight now I think I can start running again. Last time I ran seriously I ended up blowing out my knees not walking right for about 3 months (pain killers was my dr advice) this time I would like to do what I can to prevent this from happening again. Obviously I'm going to start of light and my ultimate goal is to run around 3 miles a day, mostly this will be on road.


    With the information above I was hoping to get advice for purchasing running shoes suitable to my goals and what brand/location you would recommend.  I was also thinking of knee sleeves, are these the real thing or fad?


    I'm still doing research myself but if you have advice to prevent knee pain from personal experience it would be greatly appreciated.


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      No one can tell you what shoes to get. That will depend on whether you pronate/supinate, if you are a heel or toe striker, if you wear orthotics. Go to a proper running store, not a general store and get fitted for a proper shoe.


      No idea about knee sleeves. Never used them.


      A lot of problems are too much too fast. Don't jump into running every day. And make sure you are running at an easy pace; think conversational pace. If you can speak in short sentences, that's good. If you have an option to vary up your running surfaces, take it. Pavement is better than concrete sidewalks, but grass or gravel is better than pavement.


      Good luck! Smile

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        Maybe weight training might help, leg exercises?


        I was having pain in my knees too when I started a running program 6 months ago after never running since high school Cross Country. What seemed to help me was reintroducing weights back into my workouts, particularly leg training.  I run 3 times a week for 3-4 miles each day. After taking a 3-4 mile run I will do squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg extensions, leg presses, leg curls. I also do some upper body work. I follow Arnold Swartzeneger's 3 day training split program mixed with 10-12 miles of running a week.

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