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    So this weekend I ran my first Ultra Marathon. I did the 50 miler. My training leading up to it was far from perfect. I definitely had some people doubt me. It's exciting to be a part of the ultra community now. I'm already thinking about bigger and better opportunities. I'm thinking about attempting a 100 miler in 2023. That way I would have a year to get my miles and prep under control. I'm also going to try a half iron man and 24 hour race in 2022. Any tips or advice?



      There are coaches and plenty of books out there to help.  I've done several and at every one I've learned something new.  Do you have a list of what went right?  What went wrong or could be improved?  Best advice I got was to minimize time at the aid stations....carry baggies and put the snacks to eat on the go instead of grazing and wasting time at the aid stations.  I keep a lot of food on me as I can't eat a lot at one time but I need to continually snack.


      Welcome to the community, ultra people are awesome and so very helpful.


        Congrats on your first ultra! You are smart to take your time getting to a 100, and a 24 is a good way to see how you handle moving through the night. One thing you might consider are 50Ks and 50 milers on similar terrain and surface as your goal 100. Good luck.



          out of curiosity,

          What is your age? marathon PR?

          How long have you been running?


          to me a marathon seems like an ultra undertaking... so it's difficult to fathom ever training for anything past 26.2

          300m- 37 sec.


            I'm 30 years old. I've technically been running for about 7 years. But I got hurt and almost took about 5 years off. And I kept getting injured and I'm just glad to be running again. My marathon PR is 3 hours 53 minutes at Flying Pig. Such a great race. By far my favorite marathon.


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