Help understanding injury (Read 17 times)


    So much confusing information out there and since I began running 8 years ago this is my first big injury and I am trying to make sense of it.


    My injury came about in May from kickball (new to the sport)

    I thought it would heal on it's own. I cut back on my running until I wasn't able to run at all.

    I went to the sports doctor who did an x-ray and diagnosed me with bursitis. He did the steroid injection and prescribed anti-inflammatory meds with a follow-up 2 weeks later.

    After the 1st appt. I tried running 1 day - 3 miles and could not sleep that night.
    I told him this during my next appt. He ordered an MRI and said to take things slow, walk, run etc.
    So again I tried running - slow. Same thing, could not sleep.
    Had the MRI that Monday and results were, hamstring tear close to the bone causing inflammation.


    Medical Terms:
    Right conjoined hamstring tendon strain and stress reaction of the ischial tuberosity.
    Bilateral acetabular labra tears
    mild degenerative arthrosis of both hip joints.


    He told me no yoga, running, lower body weights for 8 weeks. Basically anything that can stretch it was a no go. He also upped my anti-inflammatory dosage.


    I am sure you can imagine hearing no movement for 8 weeks is horrible.
    I keep thinking if I had gone in early I would be healed or wouldn't have made it worse.

    Any advice or anyone else suffer from this and how was recovery? Am I over thinking this injury?