Running with hernia (Read 715 times)

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    I have a 1/2 coming up on 4/29.  I'm ahead of schedule on my training but today went to the doc and was diagnosed with a small inguinal hernia.  Doc says it's ok to finish training, run the 1/2 and then get it fixed.  


    Question: anyone ever try to run with a hernia?  any precautions to keep it from getting worse?

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      Yes, run with one every day since my inguinal hernia was confirmed/diagnosed in Apr-09. In my case, it is in the naval area. I went to do sit-ups one day & I thought that a pen was still in my lap and sticking into my naval. There was no pen. I was told I could continue to run until my planned surgery date (just no heavy wt lifting or stressful ab work). In my situation, I continued my core exercises, it got hotter out as this was the late spring in the south so I lost weight, and the day I went in for the surgery I related to the surgeon (as they were hooking up the IVs) that I was only feeling the pain infrequently and that I could no longer find hernia. He poked, couldn't find it, ran to look at my CAT scan just to confirm where it was, came back again to poke and prod, and then we agreed that I would walk out (it "self-reduced"). In my case it was not obstructing the bowel).