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    So I am looking at Nashbar.com and they seem to be having some good deals right now but I need help. I don't know much about pedals and shoes. From what I have heard a newbie like myself should buy good shoes and save money on the pedals. I also think having at least a 6 degree float would be a good idea since my knees were the main reason I started biking to begin with. If someone had the time I would love to know what an experienced rider would suggest buying on that site right now. I have no clue. I'm thinking "Cannondale RP 1100 Road Performance Shoe"and some cheap pedals like Nashbar "Special Road Pedal"
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      Hi, Do you want to be able to walf with your cycling shoes? If not, I would suggest a Look system. If you want to walk, I would suggest a SPD system. The Look system pedals entry level are affordable and you can have very rigid/stiff shoes. The issue is that it is quite impossible to walk with shoes equipped with Look cleats. These were my 2 cents Patarch1

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        Not sure how much you are willing to spend, but I would choose Sidi shoes and speedplay pedals. I would not try to go extremely cheap on the pedals, you will soon regret that. Speedplay zero has unlimited (almost) float. I have this set up on my road bike and have raced for 24 hours with no foot discomfort.

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          Not sure how much you are willing to spend, but I would choose Sidi shoes and speedplay pedals.
          I second this suggestion in its entirety. Sidi shoes are second to none and your feet will love you for them. Speedplays offer dual sided entry... which some people like me (who are uncoordinated and have to look down) need. I'm currently riding in "Look-type" pedals and will be exchanging them out for Speedplays after my next triathlon.

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            <retrogrouch> http://www.rivbike.com/products/list/pedals_and_so_on#product=14-051 http://www.nashbar.com/profile.cfm?category=6000108&subcategory=60001077&brand=&sku=1270&storetype=&estoreid=&pagename=Shop%20by%20Subcat%3A%20Pedal%20Accessories http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/14236-240_WELL95-43-Brands-242-Wellgo-Pedals/Wellgo-LU-964-w_-Clip-&-Strap-Pedals.htm </retrogrouch>


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              I'd suggest a local bike shop before Nashbar. Good shoes greatly help with your comfort on the bike, and being able to try them on is a huge plus. did