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    I swear its superglued on!!!! I've been battling it for 3 months now. About the time I started back running. I am using WW and I do not use any activity points. I have lost about 60# in the last 16 months. Hoping I'm  gaining some muscle and I Just needed to vent Blush

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      I'm glad you just needed to vent and not advice, because I have nothing for you but empathy!!!



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        I feel your pain.  I have 12-15 to lose to be where I want to be and they're going nowhere fast, even though I'm eating only about 1400 net calories/day (I'm a 5'3.5", 142# female).  A couple of months ago I was 25-30#s above where I'd like to be...that first 15#s came off without much trouble, but as soon as I left "overweight" and hit "healthy" weight it was as if my body slammed on the brakes!


        Try this TDEE calculator (which will give you an estimate of how many calories you need to simply maintain your current weight) to see if your calorie intake is where it should be.  The way I use it is to plug in my stats and include only the minutes of sleep and sitting around/day and -500 calories/day to in theory net me a 3500 calorie (1lb) deficit/week.  I track my food and exercise on MyFitnessPal.com (though I use the estimated calorie burn from RA, since MFP notoriously overestimates calorie burn for pretty much everything by about 20-25%) and I do eat back my exercise calories, so that my net always ends up about the same.  MFP is handy, since the food log automatically adjusts your remaining calorie intake when you log a workout.  It's good incentive to not skip workouts, since skipping a measly 3 mile run = losing a bonus ~300 calories for the day.


        Though I should probably drop my calories by about another 100/day, because I've lost weight since I last calculated...that's the shitty thing about weight loss--as we lose, we can't eat as much and expect to maintain or continue losing, since a smaller body requires less fuel to operate. Undecided

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          Congrats on the weight loss!  The closer you get to goal, the harder it gets, stick with it and you'll get there!  As Kirsten mentioned, you probably need to run the numbers again, your BMR and TDEE will be very different now than they were 60lbs ago.


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            Are you using all/most of your weekly bonus points?  I've found that if I dip significantly into those (even if I've earned activity points that I didn't use) that I will tend not to lose.  So if your metabolism is anything like mine, you may need to watch that too.  The other thing is that you will hit plateaus, so sometimes you need to change something up.  If you've been doing the same sorts of activities and eating the same sorts of foods for the last 3 months when your weight has been stagnant, try getting some variety in your life--different foods, change up your exercise routine a bit, etc.  The last 10-20 lb are always the hardest (I'm still working on my last 10...now the last 15 after some over-indulgence at Christmas)


            The good news is that running will help reshape your body even if you don't lose pounds.  I dropped a couple of clothes sizes in my first year of running even though I only lost a couple pounds in that whole time.


              Sometimes I use WPs and sometimes I don't. I have not been great about eating breakfast lately so I'm trying to make sure I get that in and water. I will try that calculator and see where I'm At. Thank you all!


                So I checked out the calculators. And started using MFP to track everything. I found out I was eating about 3-500 extra calories a day in fruit because with WW it is free and I guess I decided aww it's healthy and free eat all I can! Blush  Since I switched over to MFP 2 weeks ago  I lost 5# so I'm going with that instead of WW.


                  Good job!  I've never agreed with fruit being "free", it's still calories, even if it's a healthier alternative to other snacks.  Keep up the good work! Smile


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                    I've used MFP to drop about 60 pounds. My wife was on WW and seemed like it was decent too. The one thing I like about MFP is it makes you aware of your macros. Calories was the main thing I was focused on in the beginning, but seeing how much sodium and fat I was consuming was a bit of an eye opener. Now that i'm at my goal weight, i'm more focused on changing my body composition and looking at the macros along with calories.


                    Those last few pounds take a while..I can attest to that.

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