Yoga is REALLY hard! Worth the effort? (Read 2256 times)

    Flexibility has man life benefits


    So I've heard (NSFW).


      I am a certified hatha yoga instructor.  I have done yoga for years.  There are different kinds.  I do not care for power yoga unless I am using it as a hard workout.  The most important thing is to listen to your own body & keep it relaxed during the whole class ... all poses are not for everyone - modified poses are always possible.  Gently pushing to your own personal limit has the most benefit for flexibility & promoting optimal circulation to all areas of your body.  Unlike running - you should not be out of breath, gasping for breath, or have an erradic breathing pattern during a session.  Use your breath as a reference point for whether you are in a controlled, focused, and comfortably challenging position.  If you do this - you will slowly learn when you need to back off of a pose, avoid one altogether, or use modification techniques.  Give it some time & you will learn a lot about your body & how to focus on your own yoga practice.  It ends up being a lot less work & strain & much more healing & meditative.  I feel like it has complimented my running by keeping me limber & actually soothing & easing tensions throughout my body.  Like anything new - it takes time to get in the groove but I think you will feel like it was worth it once you do.


        Yoga has changed my life as a person and a runner. 


        I think everyone (well most everyone LOL) has given you great advice on not starting out too hard.  My instructor likes to say things in class like "honor your body", "if it's available" types of things when we are doing difficult stuff.   I also love how it has made me so mindful of my body.  Also echo what everyone else has said about the belly breathing.  The fire breathes I have developed in practice really help me when things are hurting in a race.  Breathing through tightness, that sort of thing.


        I had serious hip flexor issues and it has changed my running dramatically.  As in I can run, and not be on the couch injured.  Wink


        Good luck to you!

        2013 Goals:  Stay healthy and Sub 3:30.  PR HM, 10K, 5K...etc....lose 5 lbs, get Michelle Obama arms. 


          I know there hasn't been a post on this recently however, I wanted to say I recently started Hot Yoga and have become completely addicted.  I try to fit it in 2-3 days a week, after my long run is the best. 

          I feel a difference in my body when I am doing it regularily and since I have been sick and not doing it I can feel my body tightening up. 

          It is not only great for my body but amazing for my mind.  It is like a quiet release.


            honor your body...

            give and take

            deep breathing and yoga will make you a better human being

            and runner too!!!!!!!!!

            Namaste   नमस्ते

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard