HRM: ant+, Bluetooh (BLE), and Polar (Read 220 times)


    I have a garmin 405 with HRM. Does anybody know of a dual HRM that works with ant+ (garmin) and Polar? What happens is that I'm looking to use a treadmill, but that treadmill uses polar. I found a suunto HRM, but that one seemed to handle polar and ant (not ant+).


    Another possibility would be a dual HRM that handles ant+ and BLE (BLE works with iPhone 5, which I could put on the treadmill and I could see the display).


    The one thing that may work is just forget the polar HRM, and get an ant+ dongle for the iPhone (digifit, garmin, and wahoo offer them). But those dongles were designed for the older iphone connections, so I'd have to add an adaptor to the iPhone.


    Any suggestions or comments? A universal protocol would be most welcome , as opposed to all these competing, non-compatible frameworks. Rant over :-)