Running Shoe - Flatfeet (Read 29 times)


    I'm wondering if any severe flat foot runners out there know of a good stability shoe thats closer to a motion control but has some cushin help,

    yes, i'm flat footed & have boney feet, Note:  I have used Brooks Beast, Addiction & NB 940v3 940v4... all got worse & worse...TY!

      Since you do not tell us what problems you are having, nor do you say anything about mileage, intensity, and running history, we have to do some guessing.


      I have had flat feet since I was a child.  After several trips to a really good shoe store, I ended up with Brooks Addiction for summer running, and Brooks Cascadia for snow and ice running.  These shoes have Superfeet Green inserts, and the inserts have metatarsals pads added.  That combination allowed me to painlessly run over 2000 miles per year until age forced me to reduce mileage.

        cushioned "stability" shoes might be Saucony Tempus or Hoka Arahi. Flat feet? Go a half size down and take out the insole. Or go regular size and swap the factory insoles for some Superfeet Blue.

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