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    At the beginning of this year I did my first marathon.  I bought a new pair of (Asics Gel Kayano 26) running shoes, but also replaced the stock insoles with "special custom-formed insoles" from Roadrunner Sports.  Not having the experience with distance running, I could not tell that these insoles made any difference whatsoever.


    I have just bought another pair of running shoes and am wondering whether it's worth removing the stock insoles and putting in the custom ones, or whether the stock insoles are every bit as good, and the custom ones are just a marketing ploy!  Asics hasn't got back to me on this subject.


    Does anyone on this forum have any experience with custom vs. stock insoles?  Input welcome.  If it has a bearing, I am 55, 6' 2" and 205lbs/93kg...

      I got conned into getting those once upon a time, too! They are totally unnecessary. I think the people working there are on commission, and get a bonus for every pair they sell. Unless you have a physical deformity or piece of foot/leg missing from an accident, "custom insoles" are no better than what comes in your shoes, and probably worse for you. You definitely don't need "extra arch support"; the arch is SUPPOSED to move, like a leaf spring on a car. Rigid insoles are great as a bandaid while something like PF heals up, but likely detrimental if used for no reason.


      Get your money back before the return period ends.


      However, I've found some stock insoles are more comfortable than others. I've swapped some old Brooks insoles into 3-4 different pairs of Hokas and Skechers over the years before they wore out. I look for light, flexible, form fitting, no edges digging into your feet.

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        Back when I was young and first running I got some because I had a very high arch.  This was when I was 140 to 150 pounds.

        I can’t remember when I quit using them.

        but now at 59 and 205 to 210 I don’t use them