Anyone know how to transfer video footage to my computer? (Read 399 times)

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    I have a video that I want to get online. Anyone know how? It is currently just on video tape and I have no digital version. If you help I might share Smile Claire xxx
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      Hi Claire, First you need to find somebody with a video capture card or you can buy this yourself...i don't think they're that expensive. Then just hook up the VCR to the video card, convert the video tape onto a digital video file which then you can edit, compress, or whatever and then post it up in Youtube, GoogleVideo, Myspace, etc.. Aloha, steve
        Unless your camcorder will output in digital, you probably need to buy a TV or capture card for your computer. The problem is that most computers don't normally have the input jacks needed to get the video off your camcorder or VCR. Your sound card probably has an audio input jack, but that obviously won't get it done. A capture card or a TV card will usually have a co-axial input and a set of composite (RCA) audio/video jacks for input. Your VCR most likely has output jacks for both. Once you install the TV or capture card, you can "record" off the VCR and you'll have a nice avi or mpeg file on your computer. The cards can be as cheap as $50. Capture cards are probably easier and usually result in higher quality transfers. With a TV card, as an added bonus, if you run your TV cable wire to the card, you can watch (and record) TV on your computer. You can even use your computer like a TIVO with the right software (often included with the card). Also, here's a helpful video from c|net: http://tinyurl.com/2gw5fa

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