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    Hi all, I am considering a Marathon sometime before May this year but due to limited choice in events (I live in Thailand)  I have been thinking about the earliest possible date I could do it. I know everyone is different, but I'm just after some advice from people who may have been in the same (or similar) boat.



    * I am an intermediate to advanced runner and maintain a level of fitness appropriate for a half Marathon

    * I last ran a half marathon 10 days ago (sub 1:30)

    * I last ran a Marathon (my first) in June 2012 (time was 3:25). I followed the myasics training plan (3 runs per week) which took me 12 weeks to go from Half to Full Marathon without any issues.

    * Given I have been running solidly for longer this time, and done a M 6 months ago, I am wondering how realistic it would be to transition from half to full quicker than before, in less than 12 weeks.

    * My target time for Marathon would be 3:15 this time, but I would settle for up to 3:40 if the alternative was not to run a marathon at all.

    * I'm not after a specific training plan, just some pointers about what is possible and how quickly other people have managed it, given a similar target time.


    Thanks to anyone who can give a view.


      It is not clear that you will be able to progress beyond 3:25 without more consistent running.  You have speed but not endurance.  3 days a week is fine to start, but you'll see real progress at 5-6 days.  Whatever plan almost doesn't matter, as long as you add in two more days, with one of them being a 2+/- hour long run.


      www.running-wizard.com may be just the ticket as far as a highly customized plan based on your current fitness and timeline.


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        what Seilerts said.  It's feasible to build from where you are now to a marathon within 12 weeks or even a little less, but on 3 days per week, it's iffy and you won't see much improvement .  Consistent running at least 5 times/week, balanced between regular runs and the long run, would give you a better shot at improvement.




          I'm not sure I understand your training concern. A half marathon is not a prerequisite to a full. I've never done a half, but I've done quite a few marathons and longer. If you have the mileage, do the marathon. Focus your training on the marathon and fit the half in, if you want, as a tune-up race. You'll run a fine HM within training for a full.


          The only concern for the HM before the full is recovery time, and that's only if it's within 3-4 weeks.

            I'm certain you could finish a marathon right now, especially if you're willing to accept up to a 3:40.


            I'm not sure I understand the question either.

            Runners run.


              "I am an intermediate to advanced runner and maintain a level of fitness appropriate for a half Marathon

              * I last ran a half marathon 10 days ago (sub 1:30)"


              I peeked at your log.


              All I know is that 1) I wouldn't consider 55ish miles a month and 15-20 mpw appropriate for racing a half marathon, but you went sub 1:30 on that, so, daaaaang. It really comes down to meshing your goals with the time you have to put into the training... and compared to your half, your full target is appropriately conservative.


              Not sure I can answer your question except to say you have a lot going for you to be able to run 1:20-something on really light (appropriate? I guess...) training.



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                Marathon Sunday 3:06


                I suppose you could do them both in the same day - I was happy as I was only in @ 3:06 shape.


                I know a person that did decent on 3 days a week - But it was 3x20 miles ... that and he was a former < 1:06 1/2 marathoner, so decent is relative.

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                  You have run some pretty good times off very little miles.

                  Is thier a reason you only run 3 days a week.

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                    Thanks all, that's very helpful. Having reflected on everything, it seems like 10-12 weeks minimum to step up to a Marathon again. Last time I did 6 long runs (22km+) so would be enough time to squeeze that in again with some taper too. However, I wouldn't be improving my previous time much.


                    Regarding my low mileage, I live in Bangkok which really restricts running opportunities. It's too hot after 8-9am and before 5pm. I work longish hours and even on weekday evenings when it's dark, the city parks (the only decent place to run) shut before 9pm so I can only fit in about an hour then (assuming I don't get stuck in traffic).


                    During the marathon training (myAsics plan), my typical week would be a long run (up to 36km, lower on alternate weeks) on sunday morning, 1 hour weights Tue night, 5km easy run wed night, 14km hard tempo Thursday night.


                    I hadn't really thought before that my mileage was so low, or that I'd done well on such low mileage. All I know is that I never train slow - my easy and long runs are at 4:20-4:30/km (a bit more for the longest runs) and my weekly tempo is at 4:00-4:10/km So maybe it's just a case of quality over quantity and a focus on speedwork rather than pure mileage. And I think the weights help too to mix things up a bit for the muscles.


                    That said, I agree that I am reaching the limit of my ability on my current mileage (although I could have gone faster in last Marathon due to low-blood-sugar-at-start issues...). Its's clear that all the people who get great times and win races all put in high workloads - just not easy for me to do right now.