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    On your standard 400 meter track, how much longer are the outside lanes compared to the inside lane?

    I got shoved to the outside lanes (7 and 8) due to a team practice on 1-6. I kept the same count as if I'd been on the inside (I.e., 4 laps per mile) but I'm curious how much farther I actually went, if at all.

    I figured someone here has to know.


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        It depends on the track. Lane widths vary, but 42 inches, 1.07m, is a common HS standard.


        So for each lane out you move from Lane 1 you travel (2 x PI x 1.07 x # of lanes) meters. So in lane 7 you run an extra 40.3m or 10% per lap.

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          Milermeter.com. Find your track and zoom in... Or use that calculator gilbert posted... Or just count it as normal mileage and know in your heart you did more. Haha.

            Here's a handy little calculator.


            That's a fantastic tool. it's going in the bookmark files.


              Or if you really want to get picky, measure the stagger for the 400m on the track.

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                Or if you really want to get picky, measure the stagger for the 400m on the track.


                Measuring the stagger also eliminates messing around with all of the other calculations; the length of the stagger IS the difference between lanes.

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                  Here are some numbers I have in a spreadsheet that I calculated last year, for the outdoor university track I sometimes train on. I think these numbers are from the web page RGilbert posted the link to. The lanes are 4 feet wide; your track lanes may be less than that. 

                  Lane Lengths For 400 Meter Track W/48" Lane Width and Inside Curb:


                  1 - 400.03 Meters
                  2 - 407.02 
                  3 - 414.67 
                  4 - 422.40 
                  5 - 429.96 
                  6 - 437.68 
                  7 - 445.31
                  8 - 452.95



                  Lane 4 is interesting with 48 inch lane widths - 100 laps (99.89 actually) is a full marathon (42195 m) in lane 4. Someday when I have nothing better to do I'm going to run those 100 laps . . .

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