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    For as long as I have been running I have had Asics GT-21xx shoes, all the way from the 2100 to 2160 (never got into a 2170 as there were a bunch of 2160s on clearance at an expo last year!)


    This year Asics have gone for the major overhaul, at least from a branding standpoint, and brought out the GT-2000



    Anyone out there got a pair yet and care to share a review?


    Particularly interested if anyone have moved on up from the 21xx range to the 2000.





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      I'm also curious.  I ran the 21xx series also, but bailed on the 2170s as my increased mileage (or changes in my form) caused a premature breakdown of the heel padding in 2 pairs.  I've heard they had other complaints about this and improving the heel fit was part of the redesign, so interested to hear any feedback.


      I'll probably buy a pair in a couple months when I'm due.

        No experience with the GT-2000, so I can't help you there.  But I find it curious that Asics decided to reuse the 20xx series.


        I first used the (very popular at the time) 2020, then several 2030's. The updates proceeded with increments of 10 up through 2170. Now it's back to 2000. However, maybe it is really more of a new model entirely as opposed to a (usually) minor update. Or maybe they just ran out of numbers.

          Can't comment on the 2000's, but I recently purchase the 1000's (Same thing, brought the 1170s to 1000s) and they are spectacular. I love them. I think I finally found my perfect shoe. Perfect blend of cushioning and support. They run a bit narrow though so I had to get the wides. 

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