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    Hi everyone and eric,


    I started to use RA in march 2012 - since than I'm uploading my tcx-files and make additonal notes (weather conditions, equipment etc). This is fine.


    Before starting to use it I uploaded a csv-file (including my manual notes) to get all my previous runs from 2007 up to RA. When I now try to add information from the relating tcx-files I'll get duplicated entries. So in the end my run stats are not in order.


    I'm looking for a possibility to merge the gps-data (maps, lap and hr data) in the tcx file to the existing entries in RA - which include my notes (so deleting the existing ones and uploading tcx-files is no option, because than I'll loosing my notes).


    Hopefully there will be a solution.



      Hi Christian,

      The system is not designed to merge data from distance sources into one workout.  I don't currently plan on adding this feature because I doubt many people have a need for this.  I suppose you can write a custom app using the API and add data that way.


      eric Smile


        Hi Eric,


        thanks for the hint - I'll digg into it. Sounds not too complicated Wink



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          You can manually merge gpx files, if you mess with the tags - I've done that.

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


            There are over 700 entries - too much for me to handle it manually Shocked


              There are over 700 entries - too much for me to handle it manually Shocked


              Just curious what you ended up doing?


              In addition to the standard GPS coordinates that come with the TCX/GPX exports, I'd also like to maintain my notes with each run, my shoes used, the weather, etc...so it seems like I need to use the custom csv option and/or the API.


              More details in a separate thread here: