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      A _lot_ of holes in that one.


      Some helpful reading for you: https://www.facebook.com/jenniferkastenmd/posts/120574959595451.


      Key quote: "Bert Blocken, wind tunnel sports guy, decided to get into experimental virology and then decided his conclusions were too important to submit for publication or any form of peer review, so immediately posted them on twitter and contacted a newspaper for an interview. [Since the Medium piece, he has submitted a pre-print]. He did not consult a virologist, clinical physician, or epidemiologist in his research. Since we're all used to only having vetted, peer-reviewed research put out in the public square like this, readers- including Thoelen- took it as scientific fact."


      And....if you're not on FB, then https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/v74az9/the-viral-study-about-runners-spreading-coronavirus-is-not-actually-a-study


      the overall theme- it wasn't a "study" and it wasn't done by someone with medical expertise, resulting in huge holes in his conclusions.

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        Also this article, which puts things in perceptive.


        "When we asked Lewandowski if, as a recreationally competitive cyclist and runner herself as well as a biologist, she found anything new worth considering here, her answer was simply, “Zero.”"


        Rebecca Lewandowski, Ph.D., biologist at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority under the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response within the Department of Health and Human Services

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          That’s refreshing for a person who freaks out about germs a lot (me).


            The trail I run on is empty during the week except for this one hiker.


              You’re lucky. When i would run from 5-8 mi on a bright Saturday morning..I’d see 3-5ish  ppl on average . Now for a measles 3 mi on a weekday , crack of dawn , I see 9-11.

                Yesterday on my run I saw 8 people.

                most of the time I could turn around and go off on a side trail.

                this one young large hiker would move to one side and turn his back to me.


                  i wish more ppl acted like him!!