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    I am visiting Chicago this weekend to attend the Vikings vs Bears. The hotel is on Michigan Ave. just north of Soldier field. I need to put in 12 or so to finish my mileage for the week. I am assuming that running the parks along the waterfront is a good and hopefully somewhat safe place to run. If I am going six out and back, should I go north, south or inland from there? I'd even be open to a race or group run if there is something in the immediate area on Sunday morning. Thanks in advance.


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      Certainly, it's very nice. When I was staying there, I ran east to the park and then headed south along the lake. Beautiful running path. You could also head north along the same path, but south looked a bit nicer to me.

        Go along the lake and you'll be fine either way. It's a beautiful run.



        Not A Runner

          Head north. It is much nicer.  Either way, the path is safe during the day. (FYI, the lakefront is my daily running route).  Run down Roosevelt and catch the path going through  the museum campus. Just so you know, it is supposed to pour on Sunday.


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            Just don't run besides the tracks....

            One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.


              WrigleyGirl, what is wrong with the south portion of the path? Smile

              Like WrigleyGirl, I do most of my running on the northern portion of the lakefront path. However, I am not that fond of the portion from the museum campus N to North Avenue because it is mainly pavement and I prefer the gravel or crushed limestone option. But it does offer good city and lake views especially if you have never run it.


              Going S from the museum campus, most of the paved path has crushed limestone along the sides. Going N, the crushed limestone along the paved path does not begin until N of Fullerton (4.5 to 5 miles). My favorite portion is the separate 1.5 miles of wide crushed limestone path W of Lakeshore Drive and N of North Avenue (across the pedestrian overpass). N will likely have heavier traffic of runners, bikers and walkers.

              Roosevelt N

              Roosevelt S


              Enjoy the rainy game.

              Not A Runner

                 N will likely have heavier runners, bikers and walkers.





                They are trying.

                I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                  Thanks. I doubt it will be too crowded going north at 6 am on Sunday, so I am on my way.