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    I am 45. I started running competitively when I was about 35. For someone with a full-time job and a young child, I was a pretty good runner. I ran my fastest marathon time in 3:54 and always finished my half marathons under 2 hours. I LOVED running. It made me feel strong. It kept me sane. And it just gave me an overall sense of well-being. When everything else in my life seemed to be falling in around me, I had my running.


    About two years ago I noticed that I was getting this strange fatigue while I was running. It just didn't feel right. I wasn't able to finish my runs. I went to my doctor who ran tests -- and they were all normal. Pretty soon the fatigue that plagued me during runs was affecting me all of the time. I was just tired -- all of the time. The fact that I wasn't able to run and didn't know why was making me really depressed. I returned to my doctor several times. She ran tests. She sent me to other doctors. They all said I was fine. I knew I wasn't fine. I would go out for a run, get out about 1 1/2 miles and just crash. I'd have to walk back (humiliating) and sometimes couldn't keep from just sobbing as I walked.


    Finally, in May of this year, I went to a holistic doctor in Indianapolis -- Dr. Dale Guyer. Among other things I had severe adrenal fatigue, an overgrowth of candida, and h. pylori. I was completely depleted. He treated me mostly with herbal supplements. I feel like a new person.


    On July 14 I started to run again -- after a 6 month hiatus. I had lost my endurance and speed, but I didn't really care because it felt SO good to be running again. In just a few short weeks I've built up to 6 miles at a 9:20 pace -- a long way from where I was, but I'm so, so grateful that I'm running again. On Saturday I ran in a 5 mile race and came in 2nd in my division. I'm signed up for a 1/2 marathon in November.


    I have my health back and I'm running again. I couldn't be happier.

      That's awesome!  Thanks for sharing. I am on my way back from being severely anemic for months without knowing it until recently.  I am feeling much better and less fatigued, but I am still not where I was before all of it started.  I am feeling a bit impatient, and your story helps me put it in perspective. :-)


      Looking forward to your half marathon report!



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        Hang in there. I think the worst thing is not knowing what's wrong with you. It's so good that you know. I wish you well. (Be patient with yourself.)






          I had a minor lay-off last summer - only a month or two - and it was a real kick in the butt.  Nothing like not being able to run to make you appreciate being able to just get out there.


          And, I like the order of that last sentence: health and then running.  Good luck in November!

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            I am so glad to read your report as that is exactly how I felt about 6 or so years ago and still am struggling.  I am sure it's candida, low adrenals, the whole shebang.  It also affestc the thyroid.  Anyways,  my question is : did your holistic docor put you on a candida diet or just treat you with herbal remedies.  What exactly did you do to conquer this disease?

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              thanks for sharing.   Welcome back to the world of running and good health!!

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