How hard is it to replace a TM belt? (Read 59 times)



    I am not mechanically-inclined, so some very basic questions:


    1. I assume this belt has to be replaced? (meaning there's no stretching it, iron-ing it out, or super-gluing the seam back ... etc) This is not a money-saving issue, but more of a I-don't-want-to-take-it-apart-in-case-I-can't-put-it-back-together question.

    2. I've watched some youtube videos on replacing the belt. DIY videos always look easy, honestly how hard is it? I can hold a screwdriver and know which way to turn, that's about it.

    3. I know the belt cost about $130. Is it worth it to have someone come replace it?

    4. This TM belt doesn't need to be lubricated (even the manual says don't do it). If I get the same OEM belt then I assume I can skip that step also?

    5. Any tips and tricks?






      It's not too difficult, but it can be tedious because of all the stuff you have to remove to get at it. I guess most of us have a lot of spare time at home, now.


      You found some videos, now look up and download the manual for your specific treadmill, the repair manual if you can find it. You'll likely need more than just a flathead and phillips screwdriver; there will be hex bolts, torx screws, cotter pins, possibly ring clamps on the roller. I'd suggest investing in that most useful tool in the house, a cordless screwdriver. And a set of assorted bits including torx. phillips, allen.


      Here's a tip to make sure the screws go back in the right places: After removing them and getting a part loose, loosely screw them back in the holes they came out of. If you do this as you go, you'll never put a screw back in the wrong hole (some are different lengths, sizes, thread style or pitch, etc). Also fit any washers or spacers the same way.


      Taking progress pictures doesn't hurt, either. If something isn't working right, you can refer to the pictures "Oh! That's supposed to be on the OTHER side!"

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        Thank you for the tips Bill!