What type of shoes should I wear? (Read 45 times)


    Experience: I have been running casually for few years now and ran a 10k a couple of year ago. I have been running regularly for over six months now and averaging a little over 30 miles per week. On weekdays I run on TM and on weekends I run on trails. My long runs are between 2 to 4 hours on trails.


    Injury history: went through Metatarsalgia in right foot a little over three months. My right foot and leg have been bothering me a bit for last few weeks. I feel a little pain in the inside of the arch of right foot and sometimes my right leg hurts because of it.


    3-4 years ago, I went to a running store. They made me run on the TM and suggested that I am neutral runners. I tried few shoes and ended up getting Brooks Defyance. Since then, I have been wearing neutral running shoes – Saucony Conrtana, Saucony Triumph, Saucony Kinvara and Brooks Cascadia. Sometimes my toes get squeezed during 3 hours long runs and it hurts. My outside two toes (pinky toe and the one next to it) are blackened.  So I was looking for shoes with wider toe box.


    This weekend I decided to go to the same running store to try trail running shoes with wider toes. That store didn’t have the Altra – the shoes that I wanted to try so I went to another running store in town.  Person who helped me at this store is experienced runner and he asked me to measure my foot. He measured the width of my foot and mentioned that my foot is regular size and I don’t need shoes with wider toe box. He looked at my foot and mentioned that the natural position of my toes is in such a way that my two small toes are naturally trying to go towards underneath of my third toe and that is why they are being squeezed and wearing toe separator might help. Then he asked me to run. So I ran in the store and he mentioned that I should wear shoes with little protection and neutral shoes are not good for me!


    All these time I am thinking that I am a neutral runner and I need shoes with wider toe box. But both of these might not be true. I am very confused now and do not know what to do.


    I am thinking about going to other running store and ask them to see me running to tell me what kind of runner I am. Meanwhile I would try to use the insert in my existing shoes and see how I fill.


    I feel confused and looking forward to hear your comment/suggestions.