Using RunningAHEAD with an iPhone App (Read 85 times)


    First, let me say that I have LOVED RunningAHEAD since 2006, and still do. It helped me train for my first 10k as well as my first marathon. For runners who love data, RunningAHEAD is amazing.


    However, it grows more and more difficult to use the RunForth (now removed from the iOS app store, but it syncs with RunningAHEAD) because of bugs, most annoying of all the app crashing when it has difficult time uploading a workout at the end of a run, and all the data for the run is lost. I've been looking at other options, and have really enjoyed Runkeeper's app, because 1) it works well, and 2) I love that it tells me through my headphones when I've hit a certain interval, such as every mile.


    I know some people export data from Runkeeper into RunningAHEAD. I've found (using the GPX export from Runkeeper) some data needs to be re-entered into RunningAHEAD after import, such as the type of run (intervals, long, etc.). Also, I haven't been able to get interval data to come over into RunningAHEAD, but admittedly, I don't know much about the GPX format, maybe it doesn't contain interval data.


    I'm aware that purchasing a gps watch that's compatible with RunningAHEAD is an option, but that's kind of overkill for me. So here's my question: What are my options for using an iOS app on my phone when I run and being able to continue using RunningAHEAD? Is there any way I can use another app AND have all the data I love (shoes, intervals, course, run type) seamlessly import into RunningAHEAD?


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      I don't think there's an app that will sync all that data automatically. I use a Garmin watch to record activities. The data goes first to Garmin Connect (which I don't really like at all) and then to RunninngAHEAD and Strava since I have both those accounts synced to my Garmin Connect account. 

      For Strava, it creates the logged run automatically but I still have to name it and select shoes there. For RA, I still have to log it and select gear and/or run type. I haven't done any interval workouts in quite a while but I don't recall them coming in as anything different than just distance defaulted to whatever your default unit is (mile or km). 

      Any fitness app is designed to keep you in it as much as possible, so they're not really interested in having a seamless integration of data types with other sites like RA. As a training log, I keep coming back to RA because it's simple and highly customizable. Even though there are extra steps to workout entry, the charts I've created for my log give me a much better and clear overview of my training load than any others I've tried.

      In comparison, Strava is simply a social network to me, useful for creating clubs and sharing photos from runs out to other platforms. I will use it to see workout data right after I'm done while I'm naming the run or adding photos, but if I want an overview of my week or something like that, I come here.