Training plan and Weights activity (Read 386 times)


    I love the training plan that has been added to the site. This week was my first also using it for my Weights activity and I have run into my first bug (I think). If I have a weights activity in the Training plan it shows up in the calendar etc like all my planned runs. When I go to add the New Weights Entry, I can pick Weights as the planned activity that I completed (instead of not a planned workout). Then I fill out the entry and Save.


    There is now a new Weights entry for the day along side the planned one which is not crossed out/marked complete.

    Any ideas?

      I've had this issue since the training plan implementation, although it doesn't happen EVERY time.  My 30AUG2011 entry is an example.


      FWIW, I click the planned entry in my Calendar, which drops me into that entry in Edit mode.  I edit, add a time and whatnot, and click Save.  And it enters as a new entry, independent of the one I had planned and which remains there, incomplete.

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        This is a bug.  I am uploading the fix right right.


        You will have to go through your log and editing these entries to specify they're part of the plan.