It's my Birthday Soon - Suggestions (GPS Watches) (Read 95 times)


    The other day my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I hate that question, but only slightly less than 'What do you want for Christmas?"


    Anyway, I never like giving an answer.   I never do for Christmas, but for my birthday, I usually break down and tell her.  Now I haven't told her yet, but I want a running watch, GPS enabled.  I really like the Nike one, but honestly, I haven't tried any.  I just like Nike products and aesthetically, I think they look pretty sweet.  I don't want anything bulky or anything resembling a miniature super computer, I'd actually like to wear it around as a watch from time to time.


    Any good suggestions that cost roughly b/w 150-200 dollars?




    There is also the possiblilty she'll look at me and say, "really?  I think that's kinda dumb." and get me something else...she's pretty straightforward like that.  She doesn't "get the whole running thing."

      The Garmin 210 is $200 retail (without the HRM and footpod) and to me it is the perfect running watch. It's small and simple enough to be worn as an every day watch, it can be used in indoor mode if you just want a stopwatch, the battery life is excellent, and uploading straight to RunningAhead could not be simpler.


      I got mine a couple of months ago and it is the only watch I've worn--running or otherwise--since.


      Runners run.


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        If you get the Nike watch, make sure you keep the receipt and check that you can return it if you want. I was surprised at many of the "missing" data fields that I'm used to on the Garmin watches.

        If it were me, I'd ask for an all expenses paid trip to a marathon in Europe (although not sure which one)

          You can also check out this thread, where incidentally the above-mentioned Garmin 210 was more or less the consensus pick.

          With the exception of some of us complaining (perhaps me most vociferously) about the aggravation of the clip connector.



            Thank you for the help everyone.  I will certainly be keeping my eye out for the 210.

              Happy Birthday!


              I too have been looking at GPS watches.I will check out this watch myself.  my birthday was just 10 days ago.  perhaps I can convince hubby to get me a present in retrospect..... Smile