2013 Sub-19 5K (Read 1932 times)

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    I'm in! My current PR is 19:16 (set in September), so I think it's possible. I may not race a 5k until May though.

      Bzzt.  My effort (on the 31st of December) has been officially judged to be 19:01, so more work to do...

      Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.


        I want in! I'm currently at 19:18. Hopefully it'll happen my first 5k race of track!


          I don't think I've run a 5K in a race or in training since my PR race last April, and I took nearly 4 months off from running this summer. I felt like I had lost ALL my fitness by October, after spending 6 solid weeks starting in September working on a special project for up to 18 hours per day sitting at a computer.  Don't EVER do something like that, if you value your running ability!


          Anyway, I decided to try running an easy 5k this morning on the indoor track, and then run a 5K tempo on the track again after work. Pretty happy with the results -  I ran a very easy 22:01 this morning before work with no warm-up, and then ran a decent 19:50 5K after work with just a bit of effort and a walking 1 mile warm-up. This should bode well for continuing to drop my 5k time and get it back to under 19:00 again sometime later this spring, after I turn 58, hopefully? Big grin

            Bzzt.  My effort (on the 31st of December) has been officially judged to be 19:01, so more work to do...


            So close!!!

            "When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up against them; for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels."  Ezekiel 1:21

               So close!!!


              Thanks.  It will come, I just need to work at it.

              Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.



                  I'll give it a shot.  I ran 19:52 on 6/3/12 and on only 25 MPW.  And I went out in a stupid first mile of 5:28.

                  I've been under 19 before but not since 1994 when I was running low 17's as a college freshman with an intact hamstring.  I was also half my current age w/ no job or family!  My most recent best was 19:31 in June 2004, a complete surprise on 20 MPW that came from actually pacing correctly plus nearly ideal weather conditions.  Same course as the 19:52 from last June.

                  On the plus side, I come into the year at 187-188 lbs, when last year I was at 203.  I also click off 5 mile runs from 39-42 minutes without much of a problem.  5 miles seemed "long" this time last year....most of my runs were 3-4 miles.

                  On the minus side, not only am I another year older I am having lots of trouble pushing past 20-25 MPW.  I don't have much of a prayer unless I can get it to 35-40 at the least.  I have far too much experience to say I'm fooling myself if I think I could.  Right now I'd be hard pressed to break 20.

                  There is a part of me that's afraid to concentrate on that kind of goal and build adequate mileage, because of maybe having the situation of getting to 50 MPW and being disappointed with my results and/or get hurt (and yes, I've talked w/ Nobby!).  I also get intense and excited with early results then push it too hard so end up with burnout and/or injury.  Regardless I don't plan on racing until at least early May.

                  My wife and kid are going to visit her family in Brazil for 3 weeks, leaving me at home as a bachelor.  They leave 1/23.  If I can ever get some good weeks in to gain momentum, its then!  Wish me luck...


                  PS I had this sitting for half an hour wondering if I should hit 'post'


                    I hope everyone's training for this goal is going well so far for this new year! Mine is, with two back to back 60 mile weeks, for the first time ever for me. And since I'm running most of my miles indoors on a track, I decided it must make some kind of sense to run a bunch of indoor 5Ks and get myself very familiar with the distance again, as I haven't raced a 5K in a while. So since Jan 1st I've done an insane 13 total 5K runs on the track, and have gotten my easy pace down from 23 minutes to 20: xx, and have pushed a bit on a couple of them and run 19:50 and 19:41 without too much trouble. So this is looking good to get back under 19:00 this year, if I stay uninjured and continue this progress. An 18:59 after my birthday (58) in March would get me an age-graded score of 83%, which is a goal at this point.

                      As noncommittal as I sounded earlier I did get a good start.  6 miles in 47:33 today and threw in a "let's see where I am" mile for the 5th one at the local park - has an accurate marked path that's not quite flat - aimed for 6:40 and got an encouraging negative split (3:16/3:08) 6:24.  I haven't pushed myself in a couple months.  Had to have been the weather - 55 degrees and sunny and I was in shorts and a dri-fit short sleeve and a little too warm!

                      Hoping to follow it up with a nice easy long run tomorrow and then not lose momentum during the week as I tend to.  What I need is a nice string of miles.

                      Hope some of you got out to enjoy the nice weather as well, but looks like in the west it may not have been so nice, sure looked cold for the playoff game in Denver.


                        First post here:

                        I'm 49 and for various reasons can only run about 12 miles a week but all of them are either track intervals, fast tempo runs or races.

                        If I can stay healthy, I'm hoping to break that 19 mark in the next few months.

                        Just clocked 19'11 this Sat to equal my PB.

                        Had a good weeks training this week. Did 4x2km on the track on tues at about 6'18 pace (3'55/km).

                        Then on Thursday I did my 6.1 km tempo run. I run these on feel, rather than time. Just a click below 5k race pace. That means I going fast but if I really had to, I could up the pain level a bit. Came in with my fastest ever time for this run, averaging 4 min a km, which is bang on 20 min 5k pace.

                        So, I was looking forward to todays 5k race. A flat course this week, no wind at all, but cold and wet. Was about 3C (37F). Was wearing my Adidas Hagio racing flats for the first time in a race. Two or three weeks ago I did 19'52 on this course, but it was very windy.

                        Today I went off fast and after the first two (of 3 laps) of I was on 18.xx pace but I must have faded on the last lap a bit. I was running on my own for most of the race, even though it was a big field of over 100, so i had no one to drag me round. Even so, I pretty much gave it everything and came in with 19'11 equalling my PB from last August. Extremely painful but also satisfying knowing that my training is working .



                            I think you missed my entry.


                            Put me down - training wont start really for another couple months as I heal up but this is definitely a goal for this year.


                            I did go sub-19 last year on 5/30/12 (18:52) but really want to do it again to show myself that wasn't just a fluke.

                              Hi Jeff.  Sorry --- I did miss your entry.  You are added now.


                                5K tempo run tonight on the indoor track. 1600 splits:  6:27, 6:11, 6:11;  0:37 final 200 meters  =  19:26.


                                I didn't set out to do a time trial, but it felt fast from the start so I just let it roll and pushed a bit the second half to hold my pace. This is the 16th 5k distance I've run since January 2nd. Most were run at an easy pace, but I've dropped  24 seconds in just over 2 weeks on the faster runs when I've pushed the pace slightly to go under 20 minutes. It's slowly coming together for me.