Illinois Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group for Athletes (Read 335 times)


    Illinois Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group

    This is not a spam email.
    I wanted to share the work I have been doing with my neurologist with you.
    I have had peripheral neuropathy for 3 years and I have currently started volunteering to work alongside Dr Roberto Segura and Dr Edgardo Rodriguez at the Chicago Peripheral Nerve Center, Erie Street, Chicago in creating awareness and educating patients. I have no medical training but I am good with computers. You can read more about me here  http://www.ipnsg.com/coordinators.html

    Dr Segura and I, hope to educate patients so that they receive the correct diagnosis and treatment as early in their symptoms as possible. In particular we would like to reach out to athletes so that we can aid in keeping those suffering from neuropathy as injury free as possible.

    I myself am training for my first marathon ever, the Chicago Marathon 2012 and I see a lack of information and support for runners with neuropathy in their feet.

    Neuropathy typically occurs in diabetics, cancer patients who are having chemotherapy, people with alcoholism, AIDs patients and people with vitamin deficiency. The symptoms are typically pain, burning, loss of sensation, tingling and loss of balance and usually affects the hands and feet.
     Please get in touch with me if you would like further information or visit our website.

    We hope we can help change the path of neuropathy.

    Thank you for your time Jenny Gill



      I've been struggling for over a year, trying to find out what is wrong. My latest diagnosis is neuropathy. The doctor said it may be genetic or from an infection. I had a very hard painful summer, and sometimes I flare up, but mostly it is just pain in my feet and hands. Running is hard on my feet, and swimming hard on my hands. I'm still figuring it all out. I would love the support of other athletes finding their way through it. What I find on the Internet is not very supportive.